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  Julie Arthur has achieved Grand Master Bowman in Ladies longbow, Graham Merritt has achieved Master Bowman in Gents longbow, Nick Royall has gained Bowman status in gents longbow and Pete Johnson got his 2nd class, again in gents longbow. Laurence got his 1st class barebow on the lat shoot of 2016

Michaela Lake won a silver medal in the European 3D championships in Slovenia, a fantastic result.

Pete Johnson achieved his 1st class longbow

Graham Merritt was selected to represent the county at longbow and also shot in the UK masters.

Nick Royall came second in the Sussex county Clout Championships shooting barebow but shooting at the longer distance of 185m  rather than the normal 165m, set 2 club and county open records for the bowstyle at that distance. He has also set 2 county records for gents longbow clout at 185m.

Ian Cosham has qualified as a level 1 coach and is running a number of beginners courses for the club and as an introduction to the sport.

EBA had a number of people shooting in the British Longbow Society Portsmouth league and this year we also entered a team. The results are usually only distributed amongst BLBS participants so I have posted them below for wider circulation. As you can be seen we performed very much to expectations

Results Sheets 2017-18.docx

Newhaven Archery Club held their annual weatern tournament on Sunday the 13th May and EBA was well represented and took the honours in Ladies and Gents longbow, junior compound and also had a number of placings and handicap medals wins as well. So well done to Graham Merritt, Deborah Forward, Davina Forward, Avril Bourne, Sam Hookway, Steve Baldwin and Keith and Diane Billiness.

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