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The easter fun shoot is this sunday the 25th March, 10am start. Prizes as usual.

The 2018 summer calendar is published in the March newsletter which is linked below

. The October newsletter has details and printable forms for next years club matches and tournaments. Some are posted in the tournaments diary but not all so have a look at them and let the organiser know of your interest.

There will be a have a go day on the afternoon of saturday the 21st July, open to all ages and no previous experience necessary. This will be publicised via various media in the coming weeks but if you want more details the please email rather than use the contact us form on the web

this event was well attended and the feedback was very positive so it is likely that this will beocme an annual event. Many thanks to all those who helped out and especially to Avril and her husband for refurbishing the "attack the castle" stall. We shall certainly wheel that out again.

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Here you will find important club information and information from Archery GB, or other local clubs that may be of interest or importance.

It has been noted that some archers have been shooting on a Saturday afternoon whilst Eastbourne Borough have a home match. This must stop with immediate effect as due to the Football Association's rulings this is not allowed. No other outdoor sporting activity is permitted whilst the football team plays. This is partly because our carpark will be used by the fans, with sometimes our field becoming their over spill carpark. The other, more important reason is safety; having a lot of, maybe intoxicated, football fans wandering around the ground during and after the match could lead to someone getting hurt. It's always better to be safe than sorry. It is only generally every other Saturday during the football season, so there are plenty of other times to get in that bow practice.

Rule 304 changed as of 1st April 2014. these are the rules of shooting and shooting administrative procedures, this includes the whistle system. We will be implementing method 1 on our shooting line. This will involve 1(one) whistle blow to approach the line and shoot and then 3(three) whistle blows to collect your arrows. Please familiarise yourself with both methods, as method 2 is likely to be implemented at alot of tournaments.
Archery GB rule 304 changes

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