Useful Links
General archery information.
GNAS Field archery Archery GB's dedicated site for Field archery.
SCAS - (Southern Counties Archery Society) Our Regional archery society.
SCAA - (Sussex County Archery Association) Sussex's archery society.
FITA - World Archery
The International governing body for archery.
GNAS - Archery GB 
Our governing body.

Archery shops and manufacturers.
Aim Archery  Local archery shop based in Battle and online.
Quicks Archery Portsmouth based shop and online.
Perris Archery  Essex based shop and online.
Merlin Archery  Online shop.
Hoyt  Bow manufacturers.
Easton Arrows  Arrow manufacturers.
Win & Win  Bow manufacturers.
Border Limbs  Recurve Limb specialists.

Local archery clubs.
Newhaven Archery Club 
Arundown Archery Club

Ditchling Achery Club

Bayeux Bowmen
Hellingly Archers
Brighton Bowmen