Eastbourne Archers 24 hour charity shoot 2013

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For 24 hours we kept shooting; in the warm evening sunshine, through dusk and the dark of night - with only the football stadium lights to guide us - through the slow glow of dawn and then the sudden onset of torrential rain, we kept shooting. The sun eventually returned and dried us out, all the while we kept shooting.

We'd chosen to raise money for three local charities - East Sussex Air Ambulance, Sussex Wildlife Rescue and St. Wilfreds Hospice. Once the shoot was over and the sponsorship was in we'd managed to raise a staggering £1350 for each of our charities.
Cheque for Sussex Air Ambulance   

A special thank you to everyone of our archers who took part and another special thank you to those archers who came from other clubs to help make sure there was always someone on the line shooting. There were five archers at the end who shot for the whole 24 hours; they were there at the start at 6pm on Friday 21st June 2013 and were still there, ready to shoot the last arrows, at 6pm on Saturday 22nd June. Well done to Fleur Chambers, Peter Grindrod, John Duerdoth, Derek Christie and Pete Burtneshaw.
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