Welcome to Eastbourne Archers Juniors.

Eastbourne Archers' philosophy is to actively promote the sport and feels that its future lies with it's juniors. To this end we endeavour to encourage and develop all of our young archers.

Our dedicated junior training days are Tuesday evenings throughout the summer and along side the seniors through the winter. Juniors are welcome, as with the seniors, to shoot on all club days - Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. For a junior to shoot there must always be a senior present.

Equipment:- At the end of beginners courses everybody is measured and provided with details as to their individual requirements. The purchase of equipment can be expensive and a basic beginners set-up starts from £100 upwards! We do not recommend the initial purchasing of expensive equipment. Young people grow very fast as all parents know !....... and interest may wane. We would suggest therefore, do not purchase anything without seeking advice. To support our juniors we try to loan beginners equipment for them to use for shoots, both target and practice, on the club field.

Achievement Awards and Badges:- Eastbourne Archers run a number of schemes to recognise individual progress and achievement. Throughout the club the G.N.A.S. classification and Handicap scheme operates. There are also many opportunities to participate in competitions and tournaments both within and outside of the club.

Juniors attending club shoots:- As a guide, shoots start on time - but it is not always easy to predict their duration. Therefore we rely on good communication such that any young person left in the care of senior members for a shoot are both clear as to the arrangements for their collection. Any questions contact the Junior Club Leader, Paul Bridge.